Change everything without changing anything

You must be wondering if I have mistyped the heading of this blog post. How is it possible to change everything without changing anything? To me, the answer lies in doing things differently.

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Home Market – There is no place like Home

There is no place like home. A home market, that is. Why are all of the ITES businesses so focussed on the US? They seem obsessed with winning the global contracts from US firms. Of course, they also love Europe, but haven’t figured out how to really win in that market. And Japan…well, forget it.

Guil.HastingsHome Market – There is no place like Home

Economies of Scale

I was discussing car servicing with a friend of mine, who has recently purchased a Japanese car. He has a childhood friend, who owns a garage. This childhood friend is a competent mechanic himself, who loves cars, can repair them with ease and never charges extra money for work not done. Given this, it is but natural for my friend … Read More

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