TopSource’s Tips For Working From Home (WFH)

Maintain Regular Hours Login to your remote desktop the same time as your shift would usually start if you were in the office and log out when you usually leave the office. Be as strict as you can be with yourself on continuing your usual hours as structure is a critical component when working from home. Keep a Dedicated Office … Read More

TopSource IndiaTopSource’s Tips For Working From Home (WFH)

TopSource & Hastee

TopSource is proud to announce we have an incredible new partner, Hastee! Hastee is an award winning employee benefit that enables workers to take a portion of their earned pay, on demand. Hastee allows you to attract talent, keep them happy and give them something they’ll actually value. For more information contact: How TopSource can support you TopSource has … Read More

TopSource IndiaTopSource & Hastee

What Employers Need to Know About Coronavirus COVID-19

The UK government has increased the risk rating for Coronavirus from low to moderate.  Some businesses are considering the possibilities of having to shut down in the wake of a positive test result but are hoping the situation in the UK won’t go the same as Italy.  Italy has ordered bars, restaurants and hair and beauty salons to close in … Read More

TopSource IndiaWhat Employers Need to Know About Coronavirus COVID-19