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Implement a Purchase order solution to monitor procurement, ensure that necessary approvals are in place for purchases and to control costs in the process.

The Solution

A solution was envisaged involving Procure Wizard as the software partner and TopSource as the services partner.

Procure Wizard role was to implement Procure Wizard. The following processed would be completed using Procure Wizard – Raise PO, Approval of PO, Match with GRN, Accounting entry.

TopSource role was to assist in Procure Wizard implementation – Understanding scope requirements. Procure Wizard would not be able to handle the Non PO and Paper invoices which would still be received at Focus. This is where TopSource role become important. Post implementation services included matching off Paper invoices to PO, recording Non-PO invoices and recording the approved invoice entry in accounting system. TopSource also assisted in generating Accrual report from PW, PW maintenance activities like clearing off MP scan and assisting in resolution of queries (Invoices not approved) etc.


Focus Hotels have been able to implement a purchase order for 90% of their supplies. Around 40% – 50% of the invoices are sent electronically to PW by suppliers directly. The balances paper invoices are posted manually by TopSource. There has been huge reduction for Focus in terms of document management as 50% of the invoices are electronic. The process has become faster which has also increased supplier satisfaction.

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