Trinity Restaurant Maintaining quality and seamless service is essential within the highly competitive restaurant industry — especially with the daily fresh food and beverage deliveries, constant financial reporting required, and rapid changes in consumers tastes. Trinity Restaurant began in 2006 as a simple restaurant with a self-set mission to serve great food. As owner and chef, Adam Byatt knew he and his team was not experienced in completing back office work that was critical to the operations of his restaurant. Without delay, he decided to outsource their payroll and accounting work to the experienced team at TopSource.

By relying on TopSource from the early stages of his business, Adam was able to gain guidance and consultation from us. In addition, we introduced him to our software Portico, to help manage his human resources records. Adam’s decision allowed Trinity to complete their back office work in a cost and time efficient manner. Furthermore, it allowed him to continue to inspire Londoners by serving food that is seasonal, inspirational, and above all delicious.

Growth and Development

Trinity Restaurant was built from a chef’s passion to inspire people by serving great food paired with impeccable service. They started their business as a simple restaurant but have grown extensively in popularity due to the high quality of service provided. Trinity Restaurant has been awarded a triple rosette as well as one Michelin Star and has become well known amongst London’s food critics and lovers alike. All of their success would not have been possible without TopSource to take care of all of their essential back office duties.

Chef Adam Byatt’s decision to trust TopSource with their payroll and accounting service has provided him with time to focus on the essential aspects of his business specifically, providing fresh food for his elite customers, implementing a selective recruitment process for servers, as well as catering to the changing tastes of Londoners. TopSource takes pride in growing alongside our clients and Trinity Restaurant is one that has been with us from the very beginning. We’ve gone through a lot together and will continue to support them as they grow and inspire people with their culinary art.

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