Company Questions

Q) What is the best way to contact TopSource?
A) Call or email us anytime. Contact information can be found here.

Q) With what sized organisations does TopSource work?
A) Our smallest clients have one employee and our largest are FTSE 100 companies. TopSource can make outsourcing work for any size organization.

Q) Is TopSource a UK company?
A) TopSource is a UK company registered in England and Wales.

Q) Can I visit your offices?
A) Absolutely. Please contact us with specifics and we will be happy to arrange a visit to any of our offices.

Q) What is TopSource doing about reducing its carbon footprint?
A) We encourage our clients to eliminate paper and transport costs by using our Portico™ Online Archive and DocFlow for all document storage. We also encourage our clients to use our epayslip service. At present, over 65% of the payslips we generate are electronic.

Q) How long has TopSource been in business?
A) TopSource was founded in December 2003.

Q) Does TopSource have any quality certifications?
A) We are SSAE16 and ISO 9001 certified and we have recently implemented BSI 25999 Business Continuity Planning.

Service Questions

Q) How does TopSource deliver services?
A) TopSource provides outsourced payroll and accounting services from our UK offices with some back office and operations support from our Pune, India offshore facility. Our UK team provides account management and works directly with clients to ensure accurate delivery of our services.

Q) What is BACS?
A) BACS is an automated payment service used by businesses to pay suppliers and employees. As we are a registered UK BACS bureau, TopSource is able to complete BACS payments on behalf of clients for payroll payments to employees and payments to suppliers. TopSource processes over one million BACS payments each year.

Q) What is the TopSource BACS Bureau ID?
A) The TopSource BACS bureau ID is B65088 and is administered through our payroll office (Practical Payroll Solutions) in Kent.

Q) Do clients need to invest in infrastructure to work with TopSource?
A) Not at all. Clients can utilise our software platforms or we can operate directly and securely on your existing systems.

Q) Does TopSource advise on tax investments or file tax returns?
A) No. However we partner with several firms in the UK that are able to provide these specialist services.

Q) How are payslips delivered?
A) Payslips are sent via Royal Mail services, password protected email, or directly accessed via the Web or Mobile through Portico™ HR.

Q) How does TopSource support purchase ledger and account processing services?
A) TopSource provides end-to-end delivery of accounts up to and including draft management reports. We also provide discrete services within accounts on a standalone basis. This includes, but is not limited to, purchase ledger processing, bank reconciliations, and sales invoicing.

Portico Online Archive and DocFlow

Q) What is Portico?
A) Portico™ is a secure on-line document archive that provides round the clock access to all your documents by authorised personnel. Portico™ eliminates the need to store paper documents, saving you money. Portico™ also provides online document approval and other workflow management services. Portico™ currently houses over four million client documents.

Q) What documents are stored in Portico?
A) All documents created and processed by the TopSource team are securely stored on our secure Portico™ servers. In addition, all client documents received by TopSource are scanned by our UK scanning teams and placed on Portico™ based on client specifications. Client documents are stored in PDF format and can remain on Portico™ indefinitely.

Q) How do I access my documents stored in Portico?
A) Portico™ is always accessible to authorised personnel from any web-ready computer in the world. This password-protected secure service allows fully searchable and unlimited access to any necessary documents at any time.

Q) Who can access Portico?
A) Access to Portico™ is determined by the client. You can grant and restrict access to Portico™ to anyone based upon their need for the services provided. Payroll, accounting, legal and HR documents can be separated and organized for easy, secure and confidential access.

Portico Online Payroll and HR Application

Q) What is Portico HR?
A) Portico™ HR is a Cloud HR data management application that integrates with our payroll support services. Built and supported by TopSource, Portico™ HR is fully configurable for each client.

Q) What services does Portico HR provide?
A) Portico™ HR provides end-to-end HR and payroll support including a fully secure HR database with joiner/leaver functions, optional employee self-service and comprehensive reporting.

Q) Who can access Portico HR?
A) Portico™ HR provides a secure service allowing access to any authorised employee. Access to Portico™ HR is determined by the client who can grant and restrict access to Portico™ HR to anyone based upon job function or need.

Q) How do I get a job or an internship at TopSource?
A) Please email or call us (0203 6915303). For a list of open positions click here.

Can’t find an answer to your question?
Please email or call us (0203 6915303) and we’ll be happy to answer.

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