Feedback makes us better

When all of us go about doing our work, we are eager to know how the work is being received by the others. Are we effective at work? Are there areas where we need to improve? As a manager, how do colleagues reporting into us perceive us? These are some of the questions that get answered in a 360 degree feedback. This is sophisticated HR tool that is now available in Portico, our complete HRIS platform.
A 360 degree feedback is where all colleagues reporting into a manager give their feedback for the manager. This is a democratic way of working where the organizational hierarchy disappears for the time being and the colleagues feel empowered to tell exactly what they think about the manager. The feedback is provided anonymously so there is no fear of ‘settling scores’. If you are a manager, this is your chance to know what your colleagues, who report into you, think of your working and management style. Feedback from others helps us improve and I for one, always believe that getting and acting on the feedback, makes us better.
Portico is our complete HR solution suite and we are glad to rollout 360 degree feedback for customers. The feedback process is simple. A questionnaire with multiple choice questions is administered to collect the feedback. The output reports have graphical representation of the scores received across competencies. The strengths as well as areas of improvement can be easily seen by the colleague who receives the feedback.

Portico makes administering 360 feedback’s very easy because of the simple, intuitive user interface. Collecting feedback to appraise an employee is becoming a norm across companies. I recently read that Cisco has stopped mapping employees on the bell curve and will instead start using the feedback mechanism for performance appraisals.
If you too believe that feedback makes us better then please talk to us. We will help you administer a 360 degree feedback in your organization.

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