Let us talk of pricing integrity

Many organizations include ‘integrity’ as their core value and indeed, it is a crucial value for any individual or business. A business with integrity is a trustworthy business and clients feel comfortable in their dealings with such a business. We deliberated about this value and have included ‘pricing integrity’ as our core value. Integrity applied to pricing enable us to live this value.

What do we mean by ‘pricing integrity’?

“We will charge only what we quote. We will use clear and precise pricing language (and put this in writing) for our clients to confirm what we will charge, when we will charge, and when we expect to get paid.”

When a deal is inked, our client is ensured of the same invoice that we have agreed upon. No surprise charges and no extras are included unless agreed upon.

So what happens when we do extra work or serve a special request? For each extra or special work, we get back to client with the effort estimate and the associated charge. We agree on the charge and then only we add it to the bill.

Not only that, if a client has contracted us for doing a service but we don’t do it because either it is not needed or is taken care of in other deliverables, we also make sure that we are not billing for this. Our clients are genuinely appreciative of this approach and our colleagues know that this is a way of life at TopSource.

We deliver promised service with pricing integrity. Always.

TopSource IndiaLet us talk of pricing integrity

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