Make information available

Make information others to use it effectively!

In a span of one week, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the two examples of savvy information use by two creative minds. These examples just enforce my faith in making as much information as possible, available to all. Those who need it will seek it and find use for it.
In the first incident, I found that the new customer wins that are circulated on the first working day of the month in our organization over email, are promptly used by our process audit manager to confirm that the new client is properly created in our internal system. We have a well-defined process to on board new clients. The process has been developed so that the new clients get all the necessary information about us and we get all the required information about the client. Hence it is crucial that the client on boarding takes place correctly. Our audit manager has shown great presence of mind to use the information that is made available to all in the company.
The second incident is even more impressive. One my friends wished to setup a new company and the company formation has been handled by a reputed firm. My friend knew that the company would be formed this week however imagine his surprise when at 12:25 pm, he got a visitor from an international bank to check with him if he would like the bank’s help with account opening and other banking matters. My friend mentioned to this unexpected visitor that the company formation was underway and will be finished this week. To this, the visitor replied that the new company has been formed at 11:30 am and the Government site has published information along with the official address of this brand new company. My friend was very impressed to know that within an hour of forming the company, the banker had arrived to meet him! And the imaginative use of information paid off- the early bird did get the worm!
Let us applaud the efforts of both the creative minds that used the information available quickly for business benefits and keep making the relevant information available.


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