Managing leave approvals online

There is one benefit at work that has an emotional connection with each and every employee in the organization. What is that benefit, you may ask? It is -Paid leave! Every working person needs leave from work – be it for a family holiday, wedding, visiting home town or something necessary such as children’s school functions, visits to hospitals or … Read More

TopSource IndiaManaging leave approvals online

Income Tax declaration made easy with Portico

As the financial year enters the last quarter, everyone starts thinking about completing the task of income tax declarations. Most people think that this is a tedious activity that is far from enjoyable. Well, I’m not going to say it is a fun activity but I can certainly say that Portico, our flagship product makes it a simple and straight … Read More

TopSource IndiaIncome Tax declaration made easy with Portico

Last minutes changes are costly

Let us face it – in life you can’t plan everything to the last detail. There are events that are beyond one’s control and last minute changes are sometimes necessary. Though this is life, it poses a problem for a process that depends on timely input such as monthly payroll or MIS reporting for accounting teams. How do we deal … Read More

TopSource IndiaLast minutes changes are costly

The one thing that the Olympics demonstrate

We were watching the Olympics games over the weekend on TV, I am sure all of us are. The glory of the games with its competitive spirit, sheer determination and hard work put in by the participants was unfolding in front of my eyes. If one has to describe the Olympics games in just one word then I would certainly … Read More

TopSource IndiaThe one thing that the Olympics demonstrate

e-Invoicing is smart invoicing

We are in the business of accounting and payroll processing. With our eyes on error free delivery, we are continuously working on options that will help us achieve that. The emphasis in not only on error-free delivery but also smarter and greener way of providing outputs to our customers. Recently, we have delivered an e-Invoicing solution to one of our … Read More

TopSource Indiae-Invoicing is smart invoicing

Too many features can cause confusion

Have you heard of the term ‘feature creep’? If you use a cell phone and sometimes wonder what all the apps are doing sitting there on the phone, then you sure have experienced feature creep. Feature creep is nothing but the perceived necessity of multiple features for a device or an application.

TopSource IndiaToo many features can cause confusion

Portico – Your application gateway

The English dictionary defines Portico as a porch or walkway with a roof supported by columns, often leading to the entrance of a building. This is an apt name for our product suite as well. Our Portico leads you to the entire suite of applications required for your business. Just like a home led through its portico serves all your … Read More

TopSource IndiaPortico – Your application gateway

Electronic Document storage – Going green

Now that we are entering a new financial year, there are forms to be filled and filed with appropriate authorities. These are important personal investment and returns forms for individuals and organizations. E-filing has been adopted by the income Tax department and that has made life much easier for all of us. Paper documents take up space. Indexing and filing … Read More

TopSource IndiaElectronic Document storage – Going green

The mobile enterprise

Recently we attended a seminar where the Future Enterprise was envisioned by many eminent speakers. The speakers elaborated on the vision of an enterprise in the near future. Everyone agreed that the future enterprise is going to be a mobile enterprise.

TopSource IndiaThe mobile enterprise

Prepare well for the financial year end

The financial year end is approaching. The last date of 31st March for the FY 11-12, is well within sight. That means we all need to start adding activities to our list that need to be completed now. Our hands are full with reimbursement verifications and planning for year-end closures etc. It helps if you are planning along with us … Read More

TopSource IndiaPrepare well for the financial year end