Keeping a step ahead of Fraudsters

Financial fraud is a disturbingly fascinating topic. Recent studies have shown that there is an increase in fraudulent activities mainly because of increase in electronic transactions and also because of corroding values. For now I would like to look at areas that can cause fraudulent activities that take place in electronic transactions.

TopSource IndiaKeeping a step ahead of Fraudsters

Plan the work and work the plan

In any organization’s mission to achieve excellence, the goal is to focus on reducing errors and instill practices to achieve service excellence. We understand that human error is ever-possible and is almost impossible to predict. We have drawn some lessons from the ongoing analysis of our service quality. In this blog post, I wish to share those learning’s with you.

TopSource IndiaPlan the work and work the plan

How essential it is to have good documentation

Documentation is a topic that is often neglected by a lot of people because people think of it as a non-essential task. One finds that most people’s enthusiasm to write documentation once the task is taken on or completed is quite low. Having said that, we all understand the need to have clear and well defined documentation, especially when we … Read More

TopSource IndiaHow essential it is to have good documentation

Deriving the most benefit out of Self Service

Portico is our flagship product for HR and payroll information. It is a web-based, secure gateway that makes employee related payroll and HR information available at your finger tips. We have ensured that it is easy to use and fast to respond. Many of our customers are using this product and have noted the benefits in productive time because of … Read More

TopSource IndiaDeriving the most benefit out of Self Service

Following the process to the last detail

Amongst my friend circle we represent many industries and domains. Be it shipping, oil, food, IT, logistics, aviation, manufacturing or finance, there is someone who has spent years in the industry gaining precious insights into the best practices of that industry. It is quite interesting to hear the incidents and stories from the practical working world and to realize that … Read More

TopSource IndiaFollowing the process to the last detail

Gazing into the future

We don’t have a crystal ball to look into the future, simply because such a crystal ball does not exist! That however does not stop us from using imagination and foresee how the usage of tools, technology and trends can impact delivery of services. I use Einstein’s apt quote ‘Logic will take you from point A to B. Imagination will … Read More

TopSource IndiaGazing into the future

Managing by numbers

To take decisions, we all need information. To get information, we need data points. The data points give us information and trends that help us draw inferences to take decisions that are supported by facts. Organisations lay a lot of emphasis on this because otherwise the decisions tend to be rather subjective and as everyone knows subjective decisions can be … Read More

TopSource IndiaManaging by numbers

Training and Continuous Learning

One of the key challenges in the service industry is the ability to provide a consistent quality of service. This is especially crucial for us in the outsourcing industry because the service is delivered by people and we do not want the service delivery to differ from one person to another based on who is offering the service to our … Read More

TopSource IndiaTraining and Continuous Learning

Platform BPO makes outsourcing possible for small and medium sized businesses

Platform BPO makes outsourcing possible for small and medium sized businesses. Large enterprises have realized the gains of outsourcing over the past few years. However medium and especially small businesses sometimes think that outsourcing is not an option for them. The perception is that outsourcing is still an expensive and out of reach proposition. No doubt, there is some truth … Read More

TopSource IndiaPlatform BPO makes outsourcing possible for small and medium sized businesses

Bowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones removed

I am a fan of cross-domain learning. Lessons from an unrelated field give an insight that can bring in innovation and hence I am always on the look out for such lessons. I recently finished reading ‘The checklist manifesto’ by Dr Atul Gawande. The book draws upon parallels from disparate fields of aviation, civil engineering and Doctor Gawande’s chosen field … Read More

TopSource IndiaBowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones removed