If you are facing an imminent staging date for Auto-enrolment and are concerned about getting and staying compliant, let us know. We are able to get you “live” on any pension scheme you choose. We will keep your business up-to-date as needed. We will upload your data with each payrun to your provider. And we will keep you compliant going forward.

If you want to get live quickly, we usually recommend a Nest scheme. However, we have worked with a wide range of pension providers from Scottish Widows to Sanlam.
Before talking to a pension advisor, you can also get our inputs to help keep any third party fees to a minimum.

Portico, our fully hosted Payroll and HR system makes it easier for users to comply with these new duties.

Some key functions that are performed by Portico are:

  • Record pension scheme details, contributions regime, employee and employer contributions
  • Assess your workforce – carry out an assessment of your workforce to determine your workers categories.
  • Employee Self Service to record decision to opt-out, if selected
  • Processing pension deduction as per assessment and scheme
  • Report workers joining / leaving each pension scheme
  • Record and maintain all the pension scheme related forms and documents to help compliance.
  • Offer a facility to the employer to send notices on email to employees to inform them of their right to opt-out (for eligible employees), to opt-in (for non-eligible employees) and to join (in case of entitled employees)

Portico automates and streamlines the Auto Enrolment process, which includes employee assessment, personalized auto enrolment letters and /or email communication, postponement, opt-in requests, opt-out requests, refunds and employee categorisation. All details required to be maintained under the auto enrolment regime can be easily stored and maintained on Portico viz…Pension scheme and contributions, employee category, notices received from the employees for opt-in / opt-outs or joining notices are all tracked in Portico.

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