Promised Service

One of our very first values that we articulated and imbibed in our business is promised service.

We said, “We will be clear about what we will do for our clients, and what we expect of them. Delivering the promised service will require us to do what we say we are going to do, when we said it would get done, and we will do it according to our documented processes to achieve the expected outcome. This will include internal clients and external clients.”

What we mean by promised service is that, our commitment to deliver exactly what we said we would deliver- no more, no less; when we would deliver and how we would deliver -delivering without compromising on time frame month on month. All our deliveries are planned and produced keeping promised service in mind. As most of service deliveries peak around the end of the month, we know that holidays that fall on month ends are not holidays for us. So to take care of that, we ensure that our holiday calendar is adjusted vis-a-vis our delivery calendar so as to be able to deliver the promised service each month.

We also deliver according to our well established process so the outcome is always predictable. No surprises!
For us to deliver the promised service, we need our customers to send us inputs on time and in the format that we have agreed upon. Once the input reaches us, our delivery process takes over.

So convinced are we about this core value that we apply it to not only our external clients but also to all our internal clients.

In coming few blog posts, I’ll be taking about our values. I do believe that a value based strong foundation is one of the key strengths of TopSource.

TopSource IndiaPromised Service

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